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We deal with quality management in research, development and production in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, among other things, to ensure that studies and processes are planned, performed, recorded, reported and archived reliably and traceably.

GQMA e.V. - membership

Our members includes quality assurance professionals, study directors, investigators, study monitors, archivists and other practitioners. They work in industrial enterprises and contract research organizations, in laboratories and hospitals, in government agencies, or as freelancer. All of them share the same interest in high standards of quality management in their particular field.

Our members benefit from:

Anyone who works in the GxP field in Germany or abroad can become a member of the GQMA.

Membership application

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You can download the membership application (in German only) below. If you would like to give us a direct debit mandate, please do not forget to fill out the form and send it along.

Antrag auf Mitgliedschaft

Direct debit mandate

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Then you can download the direct debit authorization form (in German only) here.



Pay Membership fee with paypal

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The rules of procedure and much more information about the society can be found in the new members area.

If you have any questions about membership or the new members’ area, please contact the office or

The GQMA membership is personal membership, so only the member him/herself can cancel his/her own membership. The termination can be sent informally by email to According to the statutes, a resignation is only possible at the end of a calendar year, i.e. the next possible resignation date is 31 December of the respective year.

If you have forgotten your password for the new member area, please use the reset option directly in the login area.

Code of Conduct

The GQMA commits itself and its members to stand up for trust, tolerance and truthfulness in quality assurance, in particular to maintain and increase the reputation of GQMA in society as well as knowledge and skills in the field of quality assurance.

When developing, applying and disseminating this knowledge, the members are committed to the truth and the statutes of the GQMA and do not use any unfair methods. The members are aware that, as people working in the field of quality assurance, they have to demonstrate a particularly high level of personal integrity and professionalism. They will comply with the laws and international guidelines, rules and standards applicable to their work and its results and effects, and avoid situations where professional judgment may be called into question. They protect confidential information, demonstrate a high level of objectivity, consistently report audit results accurately and honestly, and make recommendations impartially.

They know and respect the statutes of the GQMA, support its goals and do not use the GQMA for personal or company-related commercial purposes.

Members who violate these principles damage the reputation of the GQMA and quality assurance. They can be excluded from the GQMA.

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