About us

The German Quality Management Association (GQMA) is Germany’s largest, and Europe’s second largest association dedicated to quality management in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


The German Quality Management Association (previously Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gute Forschungspraxis, DGGF) was founded as a legal entity in 1995 by 14 members (under the overall control of Stephen Harston) of an informal discussion group which had already been in existence for several years. 

Today we have more then 900 members – mainly from Germany, but also from Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain and the US.

Members work in Research and Development Departments in industry, contract research organizations, central clinical laboratories, hospitals and government agencies.

Our members are quality assurance professionals, study directors, investigators, test facility managers, archivists and monitors – all with the same interest in good quality in their areas of expertise.

GQMA Objectives

Targeting Quality

The term “Quality Managment”, which includes quality assurance, is used to describe a mixture of legal requirements and voluntary measures taken by those involved in research and development studies with chemical products (particularly, but not only, pharmaceutical products and agrochemical products) to to ensure that studies and processes are planned, performed, recorded, reported and archived reliably and traceably.

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