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GDP – Good Distribution Practice

Welcome, you are on the page of the Working Group "GDP"!

The recently founded GDP AG is an exciting and inhomogeneous group of different industries. From various GDP service suppliers and consultants, distributors and cargo/logistics companies up to the API and drug manufacturer, every GDP affected and involved industry is represented.
The first important goal which the new GDP AG intends to achieve now is to understand the needs of manufacturers, transporters, service providers, ... and to implement them correctly in processes.

Our vision is to publish guidelines and to use state-of-the-art technology with the help of participants, experts and possibly involved pharmaceutical associations. "Lean" should be clearly in the focus, interfaces to GMP and ISO should be transparent, at the same time the requirements but also not overestimated (no or only the conditional "GMP glasses" in audits). The members of GDP AG are to be and will gradually become experts in the GDP area. The dialogue with authorities and associations is to be actively sought in order to harmonize the requirements in a fundamental way with the considerations made.

Further interested parties are welcome to contact the working group leader

Bjoern Niggemann
Chief Quality Officer
Tel: +41 81 552 08 85

ELPRO | Langaeulistrasse 45
9470 Buchs SG | Switzerland

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