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Welcome to the page of the Working Group "GLP: Ecotoxicology"!

This working group focuses on the discussion of current GLP-topics and their implementation in Test Facilities, running Ecotoxicology - studies under GLP (OECD-category 4). Additionally, we keep an eye on other GLP-related news (e.g. IT, Archiving etc.) and their influence on our core business.
Actually, the GLP - Ecotoxicology working group has about 30 members. More than 80% of the group members are working for service provider companies. They are often faced with the challenge to satisfy different customer and authority expectations. During our group meetings, we discuss upcoming questions based on our experiences and expertise. It´s our “best practice” to identify solutions for the addressed problems and to support the working group members best. The results of the working group meetings are published in the member’s area of the working group "GLP: Ecotoxicology".

Between our regular meetings twice a year, every working group member is invited to send an email with important questions or "hot topics" – for internal discussion within the working group – or for open discussion via the GQMA discussion forum, which is available for all GQMA-members.
If you have questions, please contact the working group leader:
Jürgen Neuss
Bayer AG, Crop Science Division
Industriepark Höchst, G 837
65926 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: +49 69 305 2284

Zu dieser Arbeitsgruppe können Sie weitere Informationen im Mitgliederbereich der GQMA abrufen.
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