The working group deals with all analytical issues that may occur in the regulated test facilities / test sites in the area of ​​GxP. A regular information and exchange of experiences, especially regarding GLP, since 2012 also regarding GCP in laboratories that analyze samples from clinical trials (mainly regarding bioanalysis) and recently also regarding GMP, is the goal of the working group.

The participants meet at least once a year to discuss current topics in presentations and discussions. The results of working group meetings are then posted in the GQMA members’ area under “Files/Protocols Working Group Meetings/Analytics”.

In addition, the GQMA Annual Meeting also has a separate “Analytic Session” or corresponding lectures on the topic of analytics integrated in a “GLP session” or “IT session”.

In order to become a member of the working group Analytics, you have to register in the GQMA member area for the working group “Analytics”. Also, be sure to activate the “Follow” button. Information is  provided exclusively via the “Chat” and “Discussion” and invitations to events about the feature“Events” in the GQMA Members Area. The invitation and registration to attend a meeting of the working group “Analytics” is also done via “Events” in the GQMA member area.

The last meeting of the working group “Analytics” took place on December 9th, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. as a virtual meeting. The next meeting (also virtual)  is scheduled for March 2022.

Members of the GQMA also have the opportunity to ask or discuss in the members area under “Discussion” (to all GQMA members), under “Chat” (to selected GQMA members), or under “Groups/Analytics/Discussion” (only to the members of the AG Analytics).


If you have any question to this working group please contact me.

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