Our working group deals with the discussion of current GLP topics in connection with ecotoxicological tests (OECD category 4). In addition to this focus, relevant GLP topics from other areas that affect our work are also included in the discussion (e.g. field, IT, archive).

The working group currently has about 30 members who work in contract institutes or in industry. The aim of the working group is – in the constant tension between legal requirements, expectations of clients and contractors as well as official monitoring – through a constant exchange of experience to find suitable answers to the question of how tests in the test facilities of the working group members can be carried out in accordance with GLP.

At the meetings there is the opportunity to discuss questions with colleagues and to take useful suggestions home from this discussion. Between the regular meetings, each working group member can address their current questions to the working group via e-mail and immediately receive feedback on the opinion and experience of all working group members. The Internet forum of the GQMA also offers itself as a basis for discussion, at this level a much more extensive exchange of opinions is then possible.

Are you interested in working in the “GLP Ecotoxicology” working group?

If you would like more information about our work or about one of our next meetings, please contact the working group leader directly (see below).


If you have any question to this working group please contact me.

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