The GMP working group deals with the discussion of current GMP topics and their implementation in development, production and laboratory. In addition to GMP, the members of the working group are also interested in other regulations. This results in our special focus on working out overlaps, redundancies and synergies with GLP and GCP with the aim of harmonizing the quality assurance systems through intensive interdisciplinary exchange of experiences and expertise.

The working group currently has around 30 members. About 50% of our members work at service providers in different areas and face the challenge of satisfying different expectations of customers and authorities.

In addition to the GMP facts, we also discuss aspects of social skills in quality management such as ‘How can GMP training courses be designed in an interesting and effective way?’ or ‘How can conflict situations in the role of QA be counteracted?’.


If you have any question to this working group please contact me.

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