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Welcome to the "Archiving" Working Group:

We are currently quite a large working group with approximately 25 participants, who meet once per year and discuss current topics on archiving within the GxP field.

At present, the archiving of electronic data is the main topic of the meetings. Naturally, other similar topics remain. The exchange of the experiences with authority inspections again and again concerns "archiving.”

Questions and answers are always a component of the minutes of these meetings. Questions on archiving can also be sent to me by mail, which I will then pass on to the working group with the request for discussion and/or statement.

If you have questions please contact.:

Klaus Lindow
Tel.: +49 30 4681 7873
Fax: +49 30 4689 7873
Schering AG
Müllerstraße 178
D-13342 Berlin-Wedding

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