Targeting quality

We deal with quality management in research, development and production in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, among other things, to ensure that studies and processes are planned, performed, recorded, reported and archived reliably and traceably.

what is GQMA?

The German Quality Management Association (GQMA) is Germany’s largest, and Europe’s second largest association dedicated to quality management in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

By our own periodicals, seminar presentations, and annual meetings (usually held in September each year), we try to achieve a high degree of information and advanced training for the members. 

Our working groups promote an exchange of views, engage in the evaluation of current topics in the relevant spheres of activity, and represent the GQMA point of view in publications. Contacts with other QA societies and organizations serves the cooperation for conferences and in the evaluation of guidelines in the different GxP areas.

What is new?


At the recent RQA International QA Conference in Belfast, the German Quality Management Association (GQMA) and the Research Quality Association (RQA) signed a Collaboration Agreement.

The Agreement aims to recognise the importance of collaboration and contribution to each party, the profession, industry, and society; then propose, agree, support, and deliver collaborative programmes.

GQMA and RQA are not-for-profit organisations mainly concerned with the quality of research, development, and manufacturing, in the medical and healthcare professions.

Nina Häuselmann, GQMA President, and Tim Stiles, RQA Chair, signed the Agreement after a meeting of both parties on day two of the conference.

you want to become a member?

Our members includes quality assurance professionals, study directors, investigators, study monitors, archivists and other practitioners. They work in industrial enterprises and contract research organizations, in laboratories and hospitals, in government agencies, or as freelancer. All of them share the same interest in high standards of quality management in their particular field.

Our members benefit from exchange of experience and gain of know-how in the GQMA working groups, but also from networking opportunities. Membership includes a substantial discount on the GQMA Annual Conference and GQMA trainings and exclusive access to the GQMA member area.

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