Dutch Association of Research Quality Assurance

Dutch Association of Research Quality Assurance

GQMA (Steffen König) and DARQA (Marijke Steenvorde) signed a memorandum
of understanding (MoU) on November 5th, 2018.

Dutch Association of Research Quality Assurance provide a platform for its members to exchange current thinking, new developments and regulatory interpretation so as to establish continuous learning.

We provide status and visibility for individuals concerned with the quality of R&D and manufacturing in pharmaceutical, healthcare and food/feed sectors.
Although members have diverse backgrounds they all have an active interest in all quality aspects around research and development.

They originate from clinical/pharmaceutical/medical industries, laboratories, universities and research institutions, consultancies and other organisations.

Dedicated to stimulate migration process by striving for mutual understanding
Collaboration rather than confrontation

Some more details about the DARQA could be find on their website:

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